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Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are available in this soda?
Any color you want;
As long as that color is Purple.

Is it true that Purple Stuff will turn you into a super soldier?
Rumor has it yes.
But who is going to debate that issue with a super soldier?

Is the Purple Stuff family a cult?
Not really
We do have loyal followers; and we are considered a cult classic beverage.
But what that means is that our soda was in a series of early 1980's tv commercials that ran with many cult classic films.
Purple Stuff was the imaginary drink during that time period. Since many of our fans were born after 1990; they have insisted they have joined our cult.

Are you guys ever serious?
Yes, but we are never very mature about it.

Where do I get business information from an adult?
Try the contact page.
Rumor has it that we employ one.